Original Yin personal training provides a path to rejuvenation, strength and wellness through gentle, yin exercises that are uniquely accessible to people of all ages.

Our collection of customized and unique equipment is the foundation for exercises that promote increased flexibility and range of movement, strengthen the core, increase breath capacity, encourage weight loss and better rest, and generally help the body to care for itself.

Original Yin emerged from the synthesis of years of practice in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine with research in such broad ranging topics as Taoism, computer science, music, body building and the captivating physical essence of the Hollywood film actor.

The training principles are based on Qi Gong, which fosters the free flow of energy throughout the body using exercise, breath and awareness. We do not offer group classes in Qi Gong, rather, we are a ‘personal training’ styled gym. Initially clients are guided through a training program and then training occurs independently according to your own schedule, with new exercises prescribed as their training progresses.

Our aim is to achieve health through training gentle enough that energy is not robbed from one area of the body to feed another. Exercises may often appear too easy when compared to a typical work out gym but the benefits of ease and strength are not compromised.

* Please read more about the Yin approach to training on our Training page.