Client Reviews

Like bees to nectar, people seek Original Yin results.

Original Yin has never advertised, preferring to let results speak for us.

Curious clients walk into our storefront at 434 West 8th in Vancouver, others come by word-of-mouth…and the word has long been global.
Clients come from around BC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Boston, Taipei and Berlin.


Adam L.

I would recommend Original Yin to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life, whether it be to heal an old injury, lose weight, or get in the best shape of their life. Original Yin is truly a miracle, and the only gym I’ll ever go to now. You get all the benefits of an intense muscular workout without any of the suffering or injuries… and a body that any gym buff would envy. It’s the only place to train.


Sasha D.

Four years ago my physical rehabilitation needs and my capacity for exercise were very different than they are currently. I was recovering from a major surgical procedure and needed to find my way back to physical well-being in a way that wouldn’t tax me more than I was already.

My initial experience with Original Yin was of a very comfortable and small rehab centre. At first, I only frequented the centre once a week, spending an hour or so working slowly with one of the first machines or receiving a treatment from Albert Chang, the originator of the Original Yin methods (hands-on treatments are no longer a focus of the centre) to help address specific physical needs. My progress took its time but with each visit I could feel something fundamental was changing and my overall sense of well-being was growing more evident.

When after a year of once-weekly visits, I was ready and able to accelerate my rehab and shift to a more training oriented program, my physical strength took another step forward and I was able to feel energized and physically stronger with each passing week.

I have spent extended periods of my life training in various physical activities; nine years of intense ballet training and 6 years of yoga, along with assorted dance classes and ongoing gym memberships throughout. I’ve enjoyed being physical for most of my life and enjoy a good connection to my body. What I didn’t expect to discover when I started with OY was an even deeper connection to my body, one which continues today.

I also didn’t expect to see so much real change in my physical appearance and feeling of contentment. Having accepted that I would now start to reflect my slowly advancing age, I have been surprised by changes of a more youthful and healthy appearance. The attributes of youth like shiny hair, good skin, vibrant eyes, have all been part of the evidence of the changes that I’m making from the inside out. As has feeling more at ease in my own skin, which has contributed to better interpersonal interactions and more contentment with my life.

 I’ve had to adapt. The use of machines is extensive in the training. My dance and yoga regimes didn’t use machines and I was initially reluctant to commit to fitness reliant upon them. That reluctance has changed completely. The depth of the stretch or gradual pace of specific exercises has revealed the value of using the leverage, patience and nonhuman strength of machines. These are also high quality machines; two of them having been designed and engineered by health professionals for use by professional athletes and astronauts in their training and not publicly accessible anywhere else in Canada. The usage of each machine is unique and offers different ways to develop and grow.

 I’ve also had and continue to learn how to rest. My previous professional and self-taught exercises had neglected to incorporate quality recuperation. At Original Yin Gym, there’s a fundamental focus on resting even while in the machines and when training and again afterwards when the real physical consolidation of the training takes place in your body. Learning to observe when my training needs to take a backseat to a more recuperative program has been a learning curve for me but I would attribute it to being a fundamental sea-change in my understanding of balance in exercise and also at the core of my ability to progress in fitness and well-being.

My fitness regime at Original Yin Gym has become an integral part of my life. Suggested ways to use the machines continue with measurable results from each change in the program. I haven’t yet experienced the fatigue or boredom of fitness program familiarity and my progress continues as far as I allow it. It’s a mentally stimulating, physically challenging and most importantly, effective program that allows me to make lasting physical changes through my commitment to my health.

It’s also kind of an interesting place with a strong focus on creativity and beauty and with a core group of committed trainees who are pretty welcoming and helpful to new people.


Arthur D.

When I began to lose my hair in 2001 I didn’t think there was much I could do since baldness ran in my family. Nonetheless I began to use Propeica and Rogaine, which helped for for 3-4 years until the hair loss began anew.  It was then that I turned to Original Yin for help and traveled from my home in Germany to spend a month training at Original Yin in Vancouver.

During my comprehensive training and diet program prescribed by Albert I saw my grow thicker and darker and there were even signs of tiny new hairs growing out of my scalp.  In addition my overall health improved.  I gained lean muscle, lost fat around the waist area and the water retention on my face has also reduced.  My overall posture and appearance improved.

Once I was back home and back with my daily routines the progress that I gained slowly dissipated.  And once I went back to train in Original Yin again I would again see improvements.  This back and forth made me realized that my hair loss is not totally hereditary, but is also part of the aging process just like  losing muscle mass, gaining fat and water retention, hunching over and losing youthful appearance and energy.  Furthermore I experienced that with a continuous comprehensive training and diet  program the aging process can be dramatically slowed down or even reversed to some degree.  The key is to have the right training program and then the will power to follow through for an extended period of time.  

To a passerby perhaps the most interesting aspect of Original Yin are the unique exercises people are doing on fancy machines. However, the principles behind these exercises are tried and proved as they come from the ancient arts of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga.


Karl M.

Rolfing (or structural integration) is a form of soft tissue manipulation. I was Rolfed by a professional and his famous Rolfing instructor, who was a student of Ida Rolf, the woman who developed Rolfing in the 1950s. I think that Rolfing is a good way for people to increase their flexibility, especially those with bad posture; however, based on my personal experiences, I also think it is limited as a treatment for back pain.

I went through the entire 10-sessions of Rolfing about four years ago with additional sessions three years ago. I threw out my back very badly about two months after being Rolfed. The pain was terrible. I was dragging myself on the floor, on all fours, to the bathroom. The problem improved after a week of taking Flexoril and prescription strength Ibuprofin, but came back about 27 months ago. I saw many different kinds of doctors and healers–from the famous Rolfer, to chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, a radiologist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, pyramid healer, and so on. Probably I saw a dozen doctors and healers in all, and all were known for being exceptional in their fields. However, not one of them was able to help me until I got help from one person: Albert Che-Hao Chang. One might ask, why didn’t I come to the Original Yin Qi Gong Gym and Wellness Center sooner? But the fact is I wasn’t ambulatory–I simply couldn’t.

I don’t want to criticize any of the practitioners I saw, because I know they were able to help many people, were highly recommended, and compared favorably to others in their field. However, they were obviously missing something, or I would have got well. I don’t know how to describe precisely what they were missing. I think a carpenter sees a world of wood and hammers, and a plumber sees a world of pipes. A chiropractor sees subluxations, and an acupuncturist sees meridians. Even if they don’t have the right tools for the condition, they can still help most people through the placebo effect. But I was too far gone for the placebo effect to help me. I needed something that could get to the core of the problem.

There was also something harmful about their treatments. Few seemed to get their energy clear before placing their hands on me. Nobody was reading sutras. I sometimes could feel agitation and ignorance in the very hands that were supposed to help me.

Albert’s treatments were different. For one thing, they were complete. He prescribed food, exercise, stretching, meditation, relaxation, acupuncture, herbs–and everything fit together cohesively. It was intense and effective. If I think about the equipment that a typical chiropractor has–a table, a traction device, an inversion device–it’s standard, limited, and with respect to inversion not something I could use at that time. They don’t have the “four flags” of complementary machines use in Original Yin Qi Gong Gym.

My sense was that Rolfing or chiropractic or acupuncture or aromatherapy or personal training are incomplete systems, but Original Yin provided a complete system. So I asked myself, “When you can study with the creator of a complete system, why study with the practitioner of an incomplete system?”


Olive D.

At the age of 24, most of my friends did not see the necessity for me to go all the way to Vancouver from LA to train with Albert Chang. However, I was a chubby kid growing up and struggle to be completely comfortable with my physical appearance. Since high school, I have tried almost everything from counting calories to joining cross country but was never able to keep it as a life style and suffered from a vicious cycle of rapid weight gain and weight loss all throughout high school and college.

Before Original Yin I suffered from upper and lower back pain, early stages of carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, rapid hair loss and water retention, most likely caused by stress, frequent all-nighters studying, poor diet and extended periods of computer use. The training I received at the Original Yin Gym was a holistic approach: I learned how to train, cook keep my mind at a calm state. After training with Albert for a month, all the pains I have been experiencing before the training dramatically improved and the amount of hair loss drastically lessened.  In addition, both my skin quality and posture improved. In the end, I lost 3 kilograms in total and even started developing abs.

When I returned to California all my friends were impressed by how much I improved and some even wish to be able to train at Original Yin too. I have been faithfully keeping up with the life style I learned in Vancouver and train on some of the same equipment as Original Yin. Though it’s hard training alone, I have the hang of it and continue to improve. I know if it weren’t for Original Yin, I’d likely still be suffering from pain and the never ending cycle of weight gain and weight loss. I am forever grateful  for changing my life for the better.