The equipment was chosen to be universal, versatile and complimentary.

  • UniversalEveryone can benefit, regardless of their fitness level because balance is a universal goal
  • Versatile –  Training intensity can be either gentle (Yin/0) or strong (Yang/1), depending on the intention
  • Complimentary – Each piece of equipment contributes to the dynamic wholeness of the training

The GyroGym

The GyroGym is a human-powered gyroscope designed for deep core conditioning. It is favoured by Original Yin, NASA and the NFL, because it is both challenging and gentle, so there’s no risk of injury.

Moving the body in 3D requires constant readjustment to the change in gravity, thereby requiring the body to engage non-habitual muscles.

GyroGym Effects:

  • Creates a profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating sensation of floating
  • Deeply conditions the core
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Trains and rehabilitates joint and soft tissue damage

The Range Of Motion (ROM) machine

The Range of Motion QuickGym, aka the ROM, was uniquely-designed for comprehensive, high-intensity interval training in a single 4-minute session.

Original Yin’s ROM is used more slowly and gently without losing any of the benefits.

The genius of the machine is its centrifugal brake on the 85lb flywheel. The faster the flywheel is spun the more the brake is applied, so the pace is set by the user’s chosen momentum. This makes it equally useful for recovering from joint replacement to training for a triathlon.

ROM Effects:

  • Rebuilds the soft tissue around joint, increasing strength and range of motion
  • Develops the core
  • Develops the full range of individual muscles

The 3D Smith Jones

The 3D Smith Jones is a heavy-duty powerlifting cage we’ve modified for gentle strengthening. Core building exercises incorporate the fluid movement of the horizontal bar to gently build the core.

3D SMith Jones Effects:

  • Allows body to fully release into space
  • Strengthens the core
  • Opens the hip joints
  • Recruits under-utilized muscles
  • Detoxifies and reduces stagnation by applying prolonged stimulation to TCM meridian points

The Haider BIOSWING Posturomed

The German-engineered Haider BIOSWING Posturomed is a neuro orthopedic device that can bring the body to a state of health at its core by improving balance. The Posturomed’s flat, unstable surface moves in response to movement as subtle as a person’s heart beat or breathing, creating a gentle “banana peel” effect that requires the body readjust to find its centre of gravity.

The Posturomed improves balance, builds the core and helps correct injuries and imbalances without unduly challenging the user.

Posturomed Effects:

  • Improved balance lays the necessary foundation to improve core stability and strength
  • Improved balance leads to improvements in coordination, muscle strength, lung capacity and visual acuity
  • Aids in correcting longstanding patterns of postural imbalances
  • Builds nerve pathways between the brain and body
  • Alleviates chronic back pain

The Bowflex Revolution

Original Yin’s Bowflex Revolutions are customized with yoga slings, springs and heat lamps for gravity and body-weight exercises. Gentle enough to induce napping yet strong enough to relieve chronic tension, our Bowflex machines support Original Yin’s hugely popular knee-resting, knee-jumping and knee-bending exercises.

Bowflex Effects:

  • Open the sacral and lumbar spine and hips
  • Subtly engages dormant muscles
  • Builds 10-pack abs
  • Improves digestion and sleep
  • Allows the body to let go, promoting movement into the healing state of the parasympathetic nervous system

The Stott Pilates Reformer and Trapeze

Stott Pilates reformers and trapezes are perfectly suited for yin training because of their solid construction and versatility. The combination of springs, body weight and time allow gravity to safely take the body deeper, without risk.

Reformer and Trapeze Effects:

  • Strengthens joints and muscles with springs, rather than straining them with weights.
  • Builds strength and flexibility resulting from injury, illness or habit
  • Develops strong core muscles
  • Builds bone density