What kind of changes can I expect?

There’s no way of knowing exactly how each individual will benefit. The potential for change is limitless.
After working with 100s of clients we see many positive shifts:

  • Increased muscle tone
  • Decreased water retention
  • Increased energy
  • Shifts in unhealthy habit patterns
  • Improved circulation and detox
  • Rebuilding of the entire structure


What is the ‘Qi Gong’ part the Original Yin Qi Gong Gym? Do you offer Qi Gong classes?

Original Yin training incorporates many principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qi Gong.
These principles are interwoven into the Yin Training and Yin Yoga classes that we offer. In the past we’ve offered workshops in TCM and Qi Gong principles, as well as nutrition and wellness, but our main focus is training in the gym.


Is my 80-year old mother too old to train?

No. Elderly people need exercise as much as younger people. The gentle nature of the training allows more elderly clients to build bone density and joint flexibility without fear of injury or exhaustion, which is hard to find in other exercise regimes.


Can my 15-year old son train with Original Yin?

Children and teenagers are welcome as long as a parent/guardian signs their waiver. They tend to advance more quickly in their training because they are stronger and haven’t developed the same injuries and imbalance as adults.


Do I have to be in shape already?

The training is gentle enough to be safe and effective for everyone regardless of fitness level or preexisting injury, illness or imbalance.


What can I expect when I first come to the gym?

You can expect a slow and gentle approach that you don’t see anywhere else.  The gentle, subtle character of Yin training encourages a shift from the sympathetic nervous system state of “flight or fight” to the parasympathetic state of “rest and digest”. Clients are encouraged to workout in the “half awake-half asleep” state that’s conducive to restoration and rebuilding so that their efforts add vitality rather than drain as with conventional exercise. As your body finds its balance and you gain vitality, the training intensity increases accordingly.

Is it one-on-one personal training?

The training program is initially explained and guided for the first session or two and new exercises periodically prescribed, but the training practice is done independently, according to your own schedule. The equipment and exercise design is ingeniously foolproof.



This training is like no other I’ve done before, how does it work?

Original Yin training is definitely unique. In fact, people who’ve been training there for years are hard-pressed to sum it up! The scientific principles behind Original Yin training are sound and clear but how it actually works is part of the magic beyond explanation.


What can I do at home so I don’t lose the benefits of my training at the gym?

  • Trust your body, it knows what’s best.
  • Notice what’s happening. What’s going on? Do you feel good after you eat? Rested after you’ve slept? What would you like to change?
  • What choices can you make to reduce the amount of energy you expend.
  • Take long deep breaths and stay hydrated.


How often do I need to train?

As often as you can. Continuity is the secret of success. Stiff joints, hair loss, weight gain, muscle weakness, poor balance and disrupted sleep are considered hallmarks of aging but such physical degeneration is not inevitable. In the course of daily living we are constantly drawing down our energetic reserves, but with regular training we are recharged. With the right combination of nutrition, activity, rest and a happy heart we can slow down the effects of aging, and in many cases actually reverse them.


It’s hard to find time to train, how can I balance training with the rest of my life?

Try not add to your stress by worrying about the frequency, just come as often as you can.


What is a healing reaction?

Healing reactions are temporary symptoms that occur when your body is healing at a deep level.
As you heal and build up your vital forces, your body is able to “go back” and heal old injuries, infections, wounds, or other imbalances from the past. There can be some discomfort as you heal chronic illnesses or imbalances and eliminate toxins and you may feel like you’re getting worse rather than better. However, this hallmark of true healing that can be alleviated by extra rest and water; light, simple meals and heat.


What’s with the paintings on the walls of the gym?

Senior trainer and Original Yin founder, Albert Chang, recently took up painting portraits to inspire clients.  to keep working towards their achievable potential. His colourful portraits depict strong, self-assured people with well-developed core muscles, thick hair, full lips and slender, strong limbs to inspire clients to keep working towards their achievable potential.