Original Yin training is based on three simple principles: 

1. The body has an inherent ability to repair and care for itself, given the correct conditions.

2. There is no fundamental difference between illness, injury or aging – all indicate blockage or disharmony.

3. Health of the internal organs determines the quality of our skin, hair, muscles, bone and connective tissues, and all vital functions of the body.

As such, the body can be brought to health, youthfulness and vitality through the repair of the internal organs.

Yin Yang

From Wikipedia:

“In Asian philosophy, the concept of yin yang, which is often referred to in the West as ‘yin and yang’, is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Opposites thus only exist in relation to each other . . . Many natural dualities—e.g. dark and light, female and male, low and high, cold and hot, water and fire, air and earth— are thought of as manifestations of yin and yang (respectively). Yin yang are not opposing forces (dualities), but complementary opposites, unseen (hidden, feminine) and seen (manifest, masculine), that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everything has both yin and yang aspects as light cannot exist without darkness and vice-versa, but either of these aspects may manifest more strongly in particular objects, and may ebb or flow over time.”

What is yin training?

Yin training improves the body’s ability to perform all of its most basic functions. If yang exercise improves the ability for a particular activity, yin exercise increases the capacity for that ability. Yin and yang training are complimentary, yin ensures a mobile and well-functioning foundation upon which yang builds strength and endurance.



Gentle and static. Requires effort and usually involves movement.
Can appear as though ‘nothing is happening’ because it operates on a more subtle level. Usually overtly active.
Encourages the body to rest its more commonly used muscles and to ‘let go’. Encourages muscle contraction and tension.
Encourages a relaxed mind and a ‘half-awake, half-asleep’ state. Requires mental focus on particular activities.
Focuses on rejuvenation and restoration to a youthful state. Focuses on increased performance.
Chief agents are gravity, body weight and time. Chief agents are exertion and repetition.
Targets deeper connective tissue, such as ligaments, tendons, bone and internal organs. Targets muscles.

Original Yin’s uniquely customized equipment is ideally suited for effective yin training and versatile enough for effective yang training.

The equipment fully supports the body while simultaneously incorporating spring resistance, gravity and mass to stretch and stimulate the joints and organs. Because we typically overuse our muscles in daily activities and tense them to protect against injury, use of the machines is key to allowing the body to truly relax and ‘get out of the way’.

When the body lets go the nervous system is encouraged to transition from a state of ‘fight or flight’ (sympathetic nervous system) to one of ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic nervous system). When the body fully releases, as in a good night’s sleep, it repairs and rebuilds.

In a typical Original Yin exercise, the body is supported and allowed to relax while gentle stress (gravity; resistance) is applied to an area of the body over a relatively long period of time (10, 20 or 60 minutes).

Infrared heat lamps, heating pads, and the ‘capturing’ weight of blankets and pillows are incorporated into our training. The strategic application of heat ensures that the body won’t cool down while training in reposed or stationary positions. The comforting warmth encourages the body to fully release into the nourishing half-awake/half-asleep state and provides energy for the area being targeted.